When the blood in your veins will return to the sea and the earth in your bone will return to the ground, then perhaps you will remember that this land does not belong to you. You belong to the land…

Yukon means “Great River” in Gwich’in

The Yukon is a federal territory of northern Canada. It is bordered on the east by the Northwest Territories, on the south by British Columbia and on the west by Alaska. It takes its name from the Yukon River and was created in 1898 from the western region of the Northwest Territories with population growth due to the Gold Rush. It is the smallest of the three Canadian territories, with an area of ​​480,000 km2. Its population of approximately 33,000 makes it Canada’s second-least-populated.

 The area is visited by more than 148 species of birds, including the Golden Eagle and the Gyrfalcon, and is rich in fish such as Northern Pike, Whitefish and Arctic Shade, and of course there are many large mammals : Bears, grizzlies, wolves, lynx …